Music Production


Whether you need music composition, foley art, audio restoration, voice over, dubbing, radio jingles, orchestral scoring, videogame music, sound fx, music library and… well, what not!? The pricing fee depends on the job! Just drop me a line and I’ll do a rough calculation for you. Mail me at: info [at]

Samples of previously composed work:
Jingle FM Radio (Classical)Main Theme Videoprojection Mapping Show (Dutch Openair Museum)Serious Game ‘Impulsar’


With more than ten years of experience as soundengineer, sounddesigner and international performing musician you can expect top quality mastering for an affordable price.

You can always get a FREE test master!

And it’s  easy:

  • You provide .wav files (e.g. via WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. and e-mail the download link to info [at]
  • Your testmaster will be sent back to you, including a cost calculation for approval.
  • After approval you can download all masters within 2 to 4 workingdays (depending on the amount of masters)


Costs per submission:
1-3 tracks: €30 per track (ex VAT)
4-6 tracks: €28 per track (ex VAT)
7+ tracks: €26 per track (ex VAT)

Any questions? Mail me at: info [at]


Want more control over your mix and master? You will have to provide separate stems which I can work with to create a first version. The mixing will take a little longer than online mastering (4 to 7 days depending on the amount of songs and stems).

Costs per song:
1-4 stems: €60 (ex VAT)
5-8 stems: €90 (ex VAT)
9 + stems: €110(ex VAT)

Any questions? Mail me at: info [at]