ZERO TO MIDNIGHT: Independent Record Label, Music Productions, Workshops
Just what the world needs: another record company…are you kidding me??! Well, unfortunately there aren’t that many record companies that put the interest of the artist first. Zero To Midnight is an artist friendly record label (ZTM Recordings) and Music Production Company founded by artist/producer Marcus Bodine. ZTM is more than ‘just’ a company: it’s a community for talented and driven artists who prefer to stay independent AND make money on their music. ZTM believes success can only be achieved by uniting the talents of many.

Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals.” (Einstein)

We invite you to join us. ZTM Recordings releases quality electronic music ranging from Electrohouse To Dubstep, from Industrial to Synthwave. In an often ‘dog eat dog’ music industry, ZTM is founded as a safe haven for artists. Without exploitation, without selling your soul to the devil: ZTM recordings is here for you. With a professional & passionate approach ZTM Recordings releases artists that might not be able to, or want to, release on other labels. We invest time, money, passion and knowledge in your product and lift your career to the next level.

About founder Marcus Bodine:
Sound artist Marcus Bodine (Eindhoven, 1978) tours internationally as musician, composes and produces music, soundFX and jingles for bands, video games, multimedia productions and FM radio. With his company Zero To Midnight, he shares his knowledge in audio lectures, courses and workshops. As a lecturer, his expertise is professional communication and PR. As a sound artist, he also gives performances at cultural events (e.g. “Digital Hero” on the STRP festival, ‘ Young Art Night ‘ in the Van Abbe Museum). Download: PORTFOLIO 2014 Marcus Bodine (Zero To Midnight) 

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