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HERE BE FLAMES video premiere

Dutch Epic Rock band HERE BE FLAMES premiere for music video “Queen Of Lies”! #HBF #Music #Video

HERE BE FLAMES studio sessions

Check out the new dutch epic rock band HERE BE FLAMES recording their debut ‘The Heart Way’!

New music video for KENSHI – Streets On Fire!


SHE Collaborates

Music, sounddesign & voice-over recording by ZTM. Voice-over: Joy van Dongeren.

SHE Collaborates is an office for international collaboration in health professions education. The office capitalises on Maastricht University’s more than 35years of experience implementing student-centered learning in medicine and the health sciences.

Watch video HERE

Remixing live music for Roaming Bells

Zero To Midnight is remixing the song ‘Bell Ringing’ for future Roaming Bells live shows.

Roaming Bells is a unique concert form which Rosemarie Seuntiëns uses to perform with several companies like percussion groups, rock bands, mens chorus, soloist singers, brass ensembles and symphony orchestras and so on. When no live musicians are available an orchestra on tape can be used. Roaming Bells offers the audience a varied programme with music from baroque to classic, from romantic to modern and from pop to house. With this programme Rosemarie tours with travelling carillon home and abroad. She is very successful with this music for young, and old and the audience is always pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic.

With the travelling carillon Rosemarie brings the tower instrument carillon keyboard and bells closer to the audience. It is visually attractive because the audience can not only hear the carillonneur play but also watch her play. Impression of the show: